Introducing SPAAR Community Campus

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Introducing SPAAR Community Campus

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Through class feedback and the annual survey, we listened to members like you and the desire for SPAAR to offer ways to take classes or attend meetings and events online.  We have been working to develop the perfect place for all of that!

With our mission in mind “Better Agents, Better Communities,” we are proud to launch SPAAR COMMUNITY CAMPUS, with classes in November!

SPAAR is committed to providing relevant educational programs and tools that enhance members’ ability to conduct their businesses in an ethical and professional manner.  SPAAR Community Campus is your destination for professional development from anywhere you have Wi-Fi access! We’re bringing SPAAR to you – where you are.


SPAAR Community Campus opportunities will include:

  • Professional development courses
  • Hands-on technical classes
  • Educational seminars
  • Events designed to grow your business
  • And more!


How do you get connected?

With the launch of SPAAR Community Campus, you’ll continue to sign up for classes and webinars the same way you always have on and through your SPAAR member portal.

You will receive a confirmation and/or reminder email with instructions for attending your classes on your new virtual campus.

We look forward to seeing you on SPAAR Community Campus so that you can stay connected with the people and information that will help you serve your clients.


What is SPAAR Community Campus?

A benefit to SPAAR members that provides options and access to the Association.  This virtual campus is designed for SPAAR members to come together for education, professional development programs, Town Halls, committee meetings, and more!


What can I expect when attending a class on SPAAR CC?

  • No extra username and password login information to remember!  We built the campus to live behind the Single-Sign-On of your SPAAR Member Portal, so once you log into your account on, you have one-click access to your Campus Dashboard!
  • You no longer have to wait to receive an email the day before class with a zoom link!  After registering for the class like normal, you will receive a confirmation email with a reminder of how to access your campus (through the SPAAR Member Portal) and the class!
  • Attending a class provides a step-by-step guide from the pre-class check in through the post-class feedback.  Students will be able to download course materials prior to class beginning.
  • Instructors and students will experience engaging sessions with everyone visible on camera.
  • Timeline for classes, including breaks, follow the same as in-person classroom offerings.


Are there any rules I should know about when attending a CE class?
Attending a CE class online at SPAAR Community Campus is the same as attending a class in-person at SPAAR’s building.

  • You must be in the “classroom” on time.  Per MN Statute 45.30 Subd 4a, continuing education courses must be attended in their entirety in order to receive credit for the number of approved hours.
  • Students will be required to be on screen during the entire session (video on) for the host to monitor attendance.  Microphones will be muted.
  • Students are required to submit responses to no less than two polling questions at unannounced intervals during each hour to determine active participation.  Per MN DOC regulations, when a student is deemed inactive or not fully participating in the course by failure to submit responses during polling questions, continuing education credit is denied.

How Online CE Works

Video On for SPAAR CE

Taking an online class at SPAAR is not much different than an in-person class. With that in mind, there are a few new requirements. Having your video on during the class is now a requirement for any online SPAAR CE class. This allows the SPAAR host to monitor attendance as we would in person as well as provides the instructor and fellow attendees a better sense of class engagement.



Full attendance is another online requirement similar to an in-person class. All continuing education courses must be attended in their entirety in order to receive credit for the number of approved hours (MN Statute 45.30 Subd 4a).


In-person versus online classes

In person classes: Attendees must be signed in and in the classroom by the start time of any SPAAR CE class. Then, the instructor removes the sign in sheet and closes the door to indicate the class has begun and anyone arriving late forfeits earning CE credits for that class. Simply put, parking your car at the time class is starting is not attending in its entirety. SPAAR follows the DOC regulations in monitoring attendance to comply with the rules.


Online classes: Attendees must be logged into the Zoom classroom by the start time to be inside the classroom. Similar to parking the car, simply logging onto the SPAAR Community Campus is not entering the classroom. When you click on the Campus class lesson module “Join Your Live Classroom”, you are asked to open Zoom in a browser window or using the app. Attendance in class begins when you enter the Zoom classroom and are visible to the instructor with your video on at the start of the class.


To be helpful, an attendance poll is launched at the beginning of class to closely mimic the sign-in process. At the start time of any class, the host admits anyone still in the waiting room. Once that is done, the poll is launched and class has begun. Anyone joining the Zoom call after that time is not admitted from the waiting room since no CE credit can be given. Instead, those members are notified immediately to send an email to to reschedule the class. SPAAR follows the DOC regulations for offering CE classes.


By following the DOC regulations, SPAAR can continue to offer free or low-cost CE classes to all members. SPAAR staff recognize the shift to online is new to some members and has worked to create as much ease as possible in order for you to fully enjoy your Community Campus experience.

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