In Remembrance of George Floyd

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In Remembrance of George Floyd

Dear members,

Today marks one week since the incomprehensible death of George Floyd, a black man whose encounter with Minneapolis police officers ended in his death as three additional Minneapolis officers stood by.

In the immediate days that followed this tragedy, Realtors® have experienced great sadness, anger and frustration. SPAAR shares in these emotions, condemns the killing of George Floyd, racism and the societal inequities that led to the current situation.

In the short term, neighbors are helping neighbors and the greater communities are lending a helping hand in any way they know how.

SPAAR, consistent with the Realtor® Code of Ethics and basic human rights, pledges to work toward the elimination of inequities and racial disparities in our society. As one example, SPAAR’s Diversity Committee has worked to shine light on racial disparities and has partnered with Mapping Prejudice, which focuses on the historical inequities in housing in the Twin Cities. By understanding the past, we can work to address the inequities of the present. Currently, SPAAR is formulating plans to aggressively move this agenda forward and will soon share opportunities in which Realtors® and the community may participate.

George Floyd’s death shines the spotlight once again on unjust deaths of people of color across the country. By working together, we can move toward a community of justice, acceptance and unity.

Patrick Ruble
SPAAR President

Tracy Baglio
SPAAR President-elect

Mark Mason
SPAAR Treasurer

John Fridlington

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