Government Affairs

The Government Affairs Committee works to expand the Association’s sphere of influence in local, regional, state, and national public policy areas. It focuses on issues affecting communities throughout the Association’s jurisdiction.

Committee Members

Staff Liaison Madeline Van Ert
Chair Tracy Baglio
Member Teresa Cleveland
Member James Cormier
Member Jeffery Dotseth
Member Patti Jo Fitzpatrick
Member Justin Fox
Member Alexander Gleeson
Member Brandy Grell
Member Michael Hunstad
Member Ken Johnson
Member Melissa Johnson
Member Mary Knudsen
Member Gerald Koch
Member Dennis Mathis
Member Evelyn Naugle
Member Deborah Newell
Member Barbara Peterson
Member James Reiter
Member Patrick Ruble
Member Thomas Simonsen
Member Brice Staeheli
Member Brian Thistle
Member Richard Tucker
Member Warren Wessel
Member Patricia Zuzek

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