Our Mission

The goal of the Affiliates Committee is to increase Affiliate member involvement in the Association by developing new programs and services and offering a variety of opportunities for Affiliates to network with REALTOR® members.

Interested to join or learn more? Contact Kristin Parker at

2020 Opportunities

Sponsorship Menu 2020

Looking for sponsorship and networking opportunities to grow your business? There are many options on the menu this year for you to promote your business through our list of sponsorship and networking opportunities. Check out the full list of on the Sponsorship Menu 2020. For more information or to secure your sponsorship, contact Kristin Parker at

Affiliate New Member Orientation Table

SPAAR Affiliate New Member Orientation Table is back! Affiliates will have the ability to sign up for a table and be able to interact with the 40-55 members, who attend the New Member Orientation Class. More details to follow in 2020.


Committee Members

Staff Liaison Kristin Parker
Chair Cindy Allen
Vice Chair Melissa Cartier
Member Erica Brodd
Member Dana Diesch
Member Mike Elwell
Member Shelley Johnson
Member Kathy Jambor
Member William Schwietz
Member Ashley Haataja
Member John Selle
Member Peter Smith

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