Advocacy News

SPAAR advocates for you and your business.

Our Government Affairs team works to make sure both REALTORS® and homeowners are represented in government.

In addition, the Government Affairs Committee works to expand the Association’s sphere of influence in local, regional, state and national public policy areas focusing on issues affecting communities throughout the Association’s jurisdiction.

Advocacy Report – July 2021

SPAAR has decided to create and convene a Housing Affordability Task Force, made up of SPAAR members including both Realtors® and lenders, as well as SPAAR staff.
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Advocacy Report – June 2021

The property tax is a policy staple in the United States, you’re either a child or you have been living under a rock if you are unfamiliar with the general idea of what a property tax is. That is not true, however, of a tax that economists widely agree is the best, most efficient tax there is, the Land Value Tax.
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Advocacy Report – May 2021

On April 11, 1968 the Fair Housing Act was signed into law. This was the final major legislative achievement of the Civil Rights Era. SPAAR commemorates this historic achievement each year by celebrating "Fair Housing Month" in April.
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S.A.F.E. Tenant Protections Lawsuit Update

A group of landlords recently filed suit against the City of Saint Paul to stop implementation of the S.A.F.E. Tenant Protections ordinance that was passed in July 2020 and became effective March 1, 2021.
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Advocacy Report – April 2021

There is an effort to implement Rent Control in the City of Saint Paul.
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SPAAR Presents Fair Housing To The Saint Paul City Council

Realtors® Patrick Ruble and Brian Wagner presented the Fair Housing Month Proclamation to the Saint Paul City Council at the council meeting on April 14.
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Fair Housing and SPAAR

The Fair Housing Act, the final legislative achievement of the Civil Rights Era, prohibits discrimination concerning the sale, rental and financing of housing based on race, religion, sex or national origin, and in 1988 was amended to include disability and family status.
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Ramsey County Economic Inclusion and Competitiveness Plan

Ramsey County plans to levy a property tax of about $11.6 million per year for four years on its residents to fund a project to build affordable housing and support minority owned small businesses.
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McMenemy Street Project

The project is slated for a 2022 start date. The plan is for a full reconstruction with curb, gutter, utilities, and sidewalk. Maplewood is using engineering firm Bolton and Menk.
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