Action Alert: New Septic Rules Proposed

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Action Alert: New Septic Rules Proposed

New Septic Rules Proposed – Your Action Needed

The MPCA recently announced changes to rules governing subsurface sewage treatment systems (SSTS), more commonly known as septic systems.  Specifically, the proposed rule change would require septic tanks to be pumped empty in order to complete a tank integrity compliance inspection.

The Minnesota Realtors® (MNR) Governmental Affairs team has been working with a Realtor® working group to draft a comment letter stating MNR’s opposition to this rule change. That letter is attached to this post and will be submitted the week of December 9.

We are currently in the comment period for state agency proposed rule changes. Comments can be submitted by all interested parties, and if your clients would be impacted by this proposed rule change, The MPCA needs to hear from you!

Some tips:

  • If you wish to submit your own comments, please focus on the specific subject of this rulemaking: requiring a septic tank to be pumped empty to complete a tank integrity inspection.
  • Give special attention to how this requirement could impact real estate transactions and homeowners directly.

Here is one example: If you believe this new requirement will result in the delay or cancellation of real estate transactions, share that perspective and site any relevant experience(s) you may have had to support your comment(s). A common concern may relate to the short duration of the inspection period and concern regarding the ability to complete a septic tank integrity inspection in a timely manner if the tank is required to be pumped empty.

If you are interested in submitted your own comments, please email them to Lisa Armstrong at  The comment period is open until December 23rd.

Please also BCC Matt Spellman from MNR’s GA team on your email to Ms. Armstrong. His email address is

Thank you in advance.

Written By Bob Clark

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